Laws of the Mind

More than 100 laws of the mind discovered in the Bible.

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Where Are We In History ?

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Current Events and Future Implications for the World


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Out of the heart are the issues of life and it is often that the issues of life are best understood in the context of the purpose of life. Understanding the purpose of life depends upon what a person believes about the origin of life. The origin of life, the purpose of life and the issues of life are all directly related to each other.

Issues of life.com was created at the request of friends and family to explore and explain issue causes and to provide issue answers for the benefit of all. Here you will find MORALLY BIASED information, answers and advice arranged under 7 topical headings - economic issues, education issues, global issues, health issues, personal issues, religious issues and social issues. It is a compilation of both research and original material and an ongoing project with updates. (Check out the blog at The Issues of Life Blog and Issues of Life - Last Day Events News)

You will need adobe acrobat reader to read most of the documents. You can get it here at Adobe.com. To see the list of topics and to choose a topic, move your mouse pointer to the words Issues-Of-Life.com above and then click. Other areas on this page (including the pictures) can also be selected to see more. For specific issue answers from a morally excellent perspective send your own questions to education@issues-of-life.com. Some of the religious issues questions already answered are here at "Questions and Answers".
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